Organising, Lists and a Planner!

I love organising. I make lists. A lot of lists. The only way I can get stuff done and focus, is to get it out of my head and onto paper. So when Craft Schmooze were looking for crafty bloggers to try a planner to try out their new business planner for two weeks, I put myself forward.

It was sent digitally and so any printing errors are my own! And there were errors. I had to my battle my printer because it takes paper from underneath and I got very confused over which way to put the paper back in…so I had pages upside down etc. Luckily you can buy the planner printed!

The planner I received is a draft version but it contains daily sections in which you can make a list of ‘things to do’ as well as an area to tick off when you’ve answered messages and emails and when you’ve sent out your invoices. It also has a section for social media, which is great at making sure you post daily

There was also a small space to write “Sales”, “Important Things” and “Supplies running low” for the week.

Saturday and Sunday each got their own page as there was an extra section to write in craft fair details. I thought this was a particularly good idea for those who attend craft fairs as you could keep all the details of the event in one place. You can easily reference where and when the fair is, as well as any contact details and set up times. You can also write in your sales and expenses so you can see whether the craft fair was worthwhile and whether you would attend again.

An added touch I also like is the occasional social media “inspiration”. On certain days there’s little ideas on what to post to social media, which is great for when you’re feeling a little bit stuck!

As well as the daily diary you also get “Evaluation” pages and “Plan of Action” pages. Both of these pages are great for making you sit down and take a look at your business, something you might not currently do. The evaluation lets you look over the month to see what you are doing right and where you are going wrong, so you can make changes and improve for the following month. It also has a place to record your statistics which is so important when you are running a business. You can record information such as website visitors and your social media followers.

Just as important as looking back over what you have done, is planning ahead. The plan of action allows you to do this with space for blog and social media ideas. It also has a section where you can set yourself targets based on the same statistics as the evaluation page. This is a great idea as it allows you to compare statistics and see if you achieved the targets you set yourself.