Fun Crafts for Moms and Kids

Keeping your kids stay in one place can be challenge, especially if they aren’t doing anything. It’s in their nature, kids are restless. But if you can find a way to keep their interest level high, then you’ll get their full attention and time.

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During vacation, it’s a perfect time for a great mom and kid bonding. That’s when you need to have the best ideas about what you and your young ones can do together. And doing some fun art crafts is one great idea. It will bring out your kids artistic skills.

Arts for Kids

The due date website gave some ideas how you think about your kid’s development from birth until they grow up as an adult. One effective way to help your kids develop and acquire additional skills is to let them do various art crafts. Let them do something new, where they are able to use their own skills and imagination.

When you were a child, you can probably remember how you love to do simple art crafts, draw some shapes and trying to be coloring professional. That’s why you really know that doing fun crafts with your kid is definitely effective. It’s like hitting two birds in a single stone. You have some good binding time with your kid while helping him to improve.

Fun Crafts for Moms and Kids

If you aren’t gifted with an artistic mind, then you might find some of these fun crafts ideas that you can do with your kids.

Water Bottle Piggy Bank

piggy bankHow about teaching your kid to save and recycle? Using empty water bottle, you can make a cute piggy bank. This is such a simple art craft. You just need a scissor, colored paper, glue, some colored tape, knife and you can add some beads or glitters if you want. It would only require some cutting and pasting.

DIY Door Sign

Create some colorful door sign. All you need is a string, a cardboard, some colored paper and beads. You can have your kid spell his/her name on it. You can either use bead or colored cardboard or paper for every letter. It’s just so nice to see his work hanging on his room door.

Egg Carton Craft

Got some egg carton in the kitchen? Then why don’t you use it to make a great carton art with your kid. It may require some cutting, in which you really need to help your kid for safety. Do some coloring with him and you can use your finish craft to store some small stuff like pins and clips.

Indoor Sandbox

sandboxKids just love sandbox. Then why don’t you bring it inside your home. All you need is a huge bin or box, some dried beans, oats and even pasta of different colors and sizes. Put up some spoon, cups and scooping play tools for the kids to play.

There are a lot of other fun crafts that you and your kid will definitely enjoy.  Just make sure that you make proper supervision and just don’t let them crafts especially if it involves cutting.

Arts and Crafts your Toddlers can do in His Stroller

Keeping your toddler busy while he’s in his stroller is quite a challenge. We all know that babies don’t have much tolerance if we keep them in one place and they’re doing nothing. You really need to find a way to help him get diverted by letting him do some activities. When you do that, you can probably just leave him there and be able to do some chores.


There are tons of arts and crafts that you can consider him doing while he’s in his stroller. It would be something that will get his attention and will keep him interested.

Things to Think About

When choosing the kind of art and crafts that you can let your toddler do, you also have to put some cautiousness. It’s not just an engaging activity. It should be something safe and is based on what your baby can do with his capacity. It should be a kind of activity that works for his development.

For your toddler’s safety and protection, you need to be careful about using some small pieces of items. You also have to keep an eye and be there to guide him. It’s a baby’s instinct, what he holds the first time; he puts it directly into his mouth. So watch out.

Babies are born creative in their own capability. When choosing an activity, make sure that you let me explore, touch and do things by himself. You’re there to guide, but not to do everything. And the most important thing, keep your patience level high as the sky, for it’s the only way to make him learn and develop.

Activities to Consider

In order to help you decide which activity you want for your toddler, here are some of the simple yet proven effective arts and crafts you can let him do while he’s on a stroller.

Play with Edible Cloud Dough. Yes, you can find some edible dough, which is safer for toddlers. You can also make your own edible dough at home. Just mix some flour and cooking oil. When playing with the dough, you can guide him how to do some simple shapes. Or you can just let him squeeze ad crash them.fingerprint

Fingerprinting. This is probably one of the messiest yet the easiest art craft that your toddler can do. You can use an edible and easy to wash paint to make things easier for you. Put a sheet of paper on the stroller board, pour out some paint with different colors and let him run his fingers through it.

Paper Plate Painting. It’s an easy painting job. Instead of using a paper plate to eat, hand him some brush, dip it on different paint colors, and let his hands move all over for a great paper plate canvass.

There are still so many activities that you can try. You can even make your own and explore some other options. Know what your baby is interested in. Whether he loves cars, books, dolls, you can use it creating some arts and crafts. Keep him busy on his stroller or car seat, and you don’t have to worry about him trying to get out of it.


Art Projects to Do With Your Toddler

Letting your little one do some art crafts sounds like fun – and messy. But it’s a great way to help him improve his motor skills. Obviously toddlers don’t really know how to be creative and they don’t even have full control of their own movements. But keeping them busy with some simple art projects is such a great idea.


Before you even start doing art with your toddler, you have to understand several things. And you are definitely aware of those things. But reminding you about them won’t hurt anyway.

  • Toddlers can’t focus on a single thing in a long period of time. They get interested in something, they leave it and then come back later and even the next day.
  • They put everything they hold in their mouth. So make sure to keep an eye on them while they’re doing the art. Use non-toxic materials too.
  • They really need guidance, one hundred percent.

If you are looking for perfect art project ideas, here are some of the most common and well loved by most parents.

Sparkle Finger Painting


This is a simple and easy to do artwork.

Materials: drawing paper, paint, glitter and a sheet

How: Place the paper on the sheet pan. Put in about 1 tablespoon of paint. Then let your kid use his hands to squiggle and spread the paint all over the paper. It would create artful dots and lines. Put some glitters on a container and guide your kid to pinch some glitters and sprinkle it all over the paper. Make sure that no paint of glitter will get into your kid’s eyes and mouth.

Carpet Doodling


Simple and Fun Artwork

Materials: Cooking utensils and cookie cutters, your carpet at home (cleaned)

How: This is probably the simplest and even more exciting art project to do at home. Making different shapes and mark on the carpet. Take out the cookie cutters, with different shapes and sizes; let him press them into the carpet to create some amazing shapes.

Tape Art with Printed Masking Tape


Utilizing printed masking tape to bring out your kid’s creativity.

Materials: A clean work area, printed masking tapes of different designs and colors, a sheet of paper

How: Let your kid do what he wants and how to put in the tape cuts into the paper. It will bring out his creativity. Assist him in cutting the tapes.

Painting with Trucks and Vehicles


Art and playing combined with this project.

Materials: Washable Paint, piece of paper, toy trucks and vehicles

How: Pour out some washable paint in piece of paper. Then have your kid pick a toy truck and have him drive it through the paint. It will make perfect tire prints. You can use color variations for great results.

There are a lot of art projects that you can try on with your toddlers. Take note that in finding the right art project; consider the capability of your kid. As an effective parenting advice, you also need to be on your kid’s side when he does that. It would mean a new milestone for him.

Arts and crafts: More Than Just A Hobby


download (12)Arts and craft refer to a wide range of activities involving making things using your own hands. While some art skills have been practiced for centuries, others are more recent interventions. Originally, arts and craft was a profession that involved the intensive training of young people, otherwise known as amateurs, by professionals, where the training would take several years for the amateur to learn the skills to perfection. In recent times however, these activities have gradually become hobbies practiced especially as a way of preparing children for life ahead. When practiced as a hobby, arts and crafts become even more interesting.
What is the importance of this hobby?

Whereas hobbies are basically pastimes, this kind of hobby is a little different. This is because it offers one the opportunity to learn a wide variety of skills. Aside from the skills, there are also lessons too to be learnt from this hobby. Some of the lessons include the following:

  • Communication – As we may all be aware, art is a form of communication as it allows us to express ourselves and our emotions. This hobby provides us the opportunity to express our feelings and experiences, and therefore even as we learn to play through, it naturally helps us believe in our abilities and boost our confidence through passive communication.
  • Enhances creativity – Arts/crafts as a hobby provides us a golden chance to be ingenuous. Remember this is not just your ordinary pastime, but one that involves making new things from scratch. Take an example of a blank piece of paper. There are very many designs that can be made from it if one is given enough time and freedom to do anything with it. This is important in making us make use of the imaginative mind.
  • Problem solving – Arts/crafts as a hobby also offers an opportunity for learning to solve problems. This is because every day, there is always something new to come up with. For instance, as you constantly practice knitting, you may discover the cause of common slitting problems in a given fabric. By doing this, you may have naturally discovered a permanent solution to that problem.
  • Enhances attention and diligence – Lastly, arts/crafts as a hobby is a splendid way to increase ones attention to detail. Assume you wish to make a given model and already have the materials. You will therefore ask such questions as, ‘does it look like the real thing?’ By asking yourself such questions, you find that you are more attentive to the finer details, and this is a way of improving diligence as well.

Forms of Arts/Crafts as a hobby
Well, this is the good part. As a way of ensuring everyone takes part, this hobby has hundreds of opportunities to images (20)
participate in. Let us mention just a few of these opportunities with the categories under which they are classified;
Crafts involving paper or canvas – Here we have stamping, quilling, scrap-booking, papier-mache, paper craft, marbling, collage, embossing, decoupage, card modelling and card making, calligraphy and book binding.

Crafts involving plants – These include basket weaving, floral design and straw marquetry.
Crafts involving textiles – This is the wider category that contains banner making and canvas work, knitting, felting, embroidery, curve-stitching, crocheting, needlepoint, quilting, rug making, lace making, shoe making, weaving, tapestry, sewing and weaving. Other forms of craft – Lastly, there other forms of craft that do not fall into either of the above categories. These are mosaics, lapidary, balloon and toy making, beadwork, etching, glassblowing and polymer clay.


Forget for a moment what defines hobbies. If you are looking for a hobby that will increase your thinking and perhaps go on to pay some of your bills, then art and crafts is your best bet.